Taken August 21ST 2016 (My New Glasses)...

I'll back at The Loading Zone 2 in Lake Linden, For My Birthday This 2017. I Love The Food.

At The Botanical Gardens.

My "Old Fort" And I.

More Older Photos...

I got My first pair of Glasses in Elementary School.

Irene's Pizza in Baraga, MI (2017).

LDS Wisconsin Stake.

Before I became Mormon, I Was Confirmed Methodist, After completing Confirmation Class...

In The 90's I Wore Contacts, So I could Also Wear "Shades".

Ethel AVE.

Halloween 2016 Photos...

Merry Christmas!

Back In Hancock, MI.

Lake Linden, MI.

When I Was Young, I Loved Pretending To Be a Dog.

One Of My Favorite Summer Photos.

My Friend Bought This GAP Hoody For Me At A GAP Outlet Store When I Was In St. Louis, MO.

Marquette, MI

I Still Love "REEBOK PUMPS".



Dressed Up At Clubhouse.

Me Wearing my New Winter Coat...

I Read "BOP" Magazine In The 90's.

Laser Etched Block.

Back In The 90's, I Wore More Than One Watch.

Methodist Church In Hancock.

Member Of The Year (2016).

"It Was Raining That Day."

My Friend Scott Took These Photos With His Smart Phone.

Shredded Beef Jerky.

Cemetery In Lake Linden.

BMX Bike!

Here Are Great Photos Of Me Taken Over The Years By Friends And Family...

Saint Louis, MO.

Baraga, MI...

Here are some Older Photos of Me for You to Check Out...

PHOTOS Of Myself...


Here are some new Photos of me for your Perusal...

Dad's "Cheval" Car.

March 2016 After My Hair Cut.

May 20TH 2016, At Pizza Hut In Houghton...

Christmas At The Rozsa Center In Houghton...

Superman is still My Favorite Hero...

October 2016...

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