Carrie Fisher Of 1977 Star Wars Fame Has Died. I'll Miss Her.

OK So after many years My "Cordless Kitchen Phone" Finally Broke. So now I'm Planning on getting A new Phone and I've ordered a new Answering Machine. Funny Thing is, I was going to buy that particular Answering Machine anyways.

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In other News: I finally finished My Christmas Shopping for 2016. My sister's Present is In the Mail. I can't wait till it comes!


Our Church's "Stake General Conference" Takes Place In Greenbay, WI At The Stake Center. August 13TH And 14TH 2016. I'm Looking Forward To Going To It. (In Case You Forgot, I'm Mormon.) I Can't Drive So One Of My Church Friends, Drives Me To And From, Every Year. It's A Fun Road Trip.

I Planted Water Plants...

In May 2017 I Bought a new P.C.

You May Have Noticed, I Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word. Although It Is Not Grammatically Correct, It Is A Thing I Prefer To Do On My Own Writings. Now I Head The Northern Lights Clubhouse News Letter ("Shooting Star")And I Won't Do That On The Articles I Type For The News Letter.

I Survived The Great "Black Out" Of July 2016!

It's Officially Air Conditioning Season (Summer 2017).

I Love The Older Gaming Consoles...

"Quick News"...

Here Is Where My Various Written Things Will Be. Essentially The BLOG Section Of My Website.

I Use The WINCLEANER On My Computer And It Works Great. I Got It From The $Store For A Dollar. One Dongle Covers One Year For One Computer. I Highly Recommend It!

My Friend Denise...

Best Social Media App: Facebook.

Best Music App: Napster.

Best File Sharing App: FrostWire.

Best Audio-Video Convertor: ConverterLite.

Best Photo Editing App: MediaImpression.

Best Video Streaming App: Netflix.

​Best Personal Media Streaming App: Realtimes By Realplayer.

WI-FI Dongle.

Best Free E-mail Service:

A Few Weeks Ago, I Broke My Newest Pair Of Glasses, So Now I Have To Wear An Older Pair, Hopefully When I See The Eye Doctor On August 9TH, I Get A New Pair Of Glasses To Wear. 

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I Transplanted Violas...

This Year in Adult Sunday School Class We are Studying Doctrine And Covenants. So I Am also studying D&C personally Myself. I will be Watching The 3 Hour and 53 Minute DVD Also.

Every Year I Record The Summer And Spring Parades To FHD S.D. Card, And Then I Put Them On BLURAY And DVD, To Watch Later. I Have Them From Many Years Ago.

For My Birthday (I'm 39 Now) I Got A FIIO, Lossless MP4 Player (With Discreet D.A.C.), It Sounds Awesome! I Love It! Lossless Audio Players, Use The .FLAC File Format.

I Finally got New Pillow Cases.

I Love Old And New Technology!

I Got A New TV/Computer Monitor For Christmas.

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I Got A New "Star Wars" Lanyard, At The Chassel, MI Strawberry Festival This Year, For Only $5.00.

Finally In September 2016, I Switched Back To CABLE Internet Access. I Love It's Speed And Reliability.

I Love Playing Video Games...I WANT A Nintendo Switch, Please!

For My 39TH Birthday, I Did get MY FIIO Mp4 Player. I Love It!

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I Finally Got A New Phone And Answering Machine...

I replaced My old ROKU XS 2 with A New Streaming Box, Using The Android Operating System.

A Nice Sunny Day In 2017...

Best Free Content Site:

Before We Had Computers, We Had "Digital Word Processors". They Used INK Ribbons And Wheels, Instead Of Cartridges. :-)

These AT&T Answering Machines Are Very Easy To Use.